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A Stunning Aerial Photo of Manhattan Island Surrounded By the Frozen Waters of New York Harbor


CBS Evening News has captured a stunning aerial photo of Manhattan Island surrounded by the frozen waters of New York Harbor due to the record low temperatures that have recently plagued New York City and much of the country.

FEBRUARY 20, 2015, 6:30 PM|For the past few weeks, tugboats in New York Harbor have had to be sent out ahead of the ferries to ensure they could make it through the icy waters. The frigid weather is expected to continue causing havoc not only in the Northeast but the South as well.

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Sony Announces QX Series Lens Cameras That Attach to Smartphones

Sony announced its new QX series of lens cameras that can attach to smartphones today at IFA 2013. The previously rumored QX100 and QX10 lenses contain all of the hardware ordinarily found in a point-and-shoot camera except for a viewfinder, and use Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone to fulfill that requirement. The lenses can be physically detached from the phone while still connected via Wi-Fi, allowing users to shoot independent of the viewfinder. For more specs on the higher-end QX100 and the Q10 zoom lens camera, take a look at the product pages on Sony’s website. Both the QX100 and QX10 lenses are already available to pre-order from Amazon, and will ship on September 27th according to the retailer.


Time-Lapse of the Restoration and Colorization of an Old Photo

This time-lapse video shows the painstaking process of digitally restoring and colorizing a badly deteriorated old photograph. The time-lapse is by TheHatersalad of THS Photo Restoration.


“Life With Maggie” series

Central Park, New York

Ofer Wolberger’s series “Life With Maggie” is an abstract travel journal where the destinations are clear but everything else is slightly disarming.

The photographs are the type of imagery that might at first make you jealous if it were to appear on your Facebook feed: photos of friends who travel around the world posing in front of landmarks and places of leisure.

You might also find yourself asking about this Maggie character whose unique fashion sense is eclipsed only by her unique face.

So is she from this era? Or even from this world? And is Wolberger trying to say something about identity, specifically in an era where virtual online identities are created through social media landscapes?

James Dean's Last Stop, Lost Hills, CASunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA Restaurant Schiller, Freiburg, Germany

“I don’t really have an opinion about people’s online identities, but I do think in general that we tend to present multiple versions of ourselves to the world at large and particularly online,” Wolberger wrote via email. “Maggie’s identity is fixed in a way because her face is always the same, but for me her expression and personality are always shifting due to the light, her gesture, what she’s wearing, and where she’s situated.”

“Life With Maggie” is also a love story. “Maggie” is French and was dating Wolberger, who was living in New York. The two would meet for two weeks or a month at a time,  traveling mostly around the United States, France, and Germany. “In that way, it’s a very personal body of work and one that reflects our experience of getting to know each other,” Wolberger said.

They didn’t have a specific agenda apart from looking for tourist destinations, and they chose them “by instinct and the journey at hand at the time; one place led to another,” Wolberger said. “The ‘Life With Maggie’ locations are cliché or postcard-like, in that Maggie gives me a reason or a license to photograph places that I would otherwise avoid.”

Jimmy's Place, Natchez, Miss. Hotel Patton, Avranches, France American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandie, France

“When we were confronted with an enticing location, we just stopped everything and went to work,” Wolberger said. “The trunk was always full of clothing, most of it picked up along the journey. The whole experience was pretty spontaneous, although once the shooting started, things would slow down because of the large format 4X5 film camera I was using and the need to direct the action.”

The idea of slowing down and working without an agenda is something Wolberger takes very seriously. “My goal once I start a project is to not think too much into every little thing. I try to work instinctually as much as possible,” he said. “In that sense the final images never match the initial goals, as I always hope to be surprised by what I shoot. In this age of digital photography where very little is left to chance, it was exciting to be shooting large-format film and to not know what I had until the film was developed a few days or sometimes weeks later.”

Wolberger said that although he at one point thought the project would go on forever, it has been finished for a while now. He and Maggie are now married and have gone on to work on another project.

Wolberger’s work can also be seen on his website

Little Friends, Tours, France Venice Beach, Calif. Golgotha Fun Park, Cave City, KY Chateau D'Oiron, France

Summer in the City

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In the 1920s, Coco Chanel hopped on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht for a holiday on the Riviera and returned to Paris with a tan, thereby popularizing the golden-brown look. The quest for the perfect sun-kissed glow continues, even in New York, where private outdoor space is rare. Gessica Brooke, a 27-year-old designer, crawls out to the fire escape of her fifth-floor apartment in the West Village nearly every day she wakes up in the city and the weather is nice. Brooke, who moved to New York from Santa Monica, Calif., four years ago, says finding an apartment with access to the outdoors was crucial. “I gave up the beach to be a city girl, so I always try to find outdoor space wherever I am,” she says. “I’ve Instagrammed some photos when I’m out here, and people have commented thinking I’m in Europe. It doesn’t feel like New York.”

Ashley Gilbertson

“I am just not normal.”


— Salvador Dalí



Vacationers lounge poolside at Kailua’s Kona Hilton Resort in Hawaii, March 1975.


Segundas Pieles, Photos Imagine Wild Animals in Fashionable Clothes


Madrid-based photographer Miguel Vallinas imagines what fashion-conscious animals might wear in the photo series“Segundas Pieles” (“Second Skins”).

skins-5 skins-6

Coiffure le Bird, Portraits of Birds with Stylish Hairdos


Birds show off their fancy hairdos in the digitally manipulated photo series “Coiffure le Bird” by photographer Rene Mesman and Dutch photo studio Souverein.

coiffurelebird4 coiffurelebird6

via Devid SketchbookMy Modern Metropolis

Photos of People Calmly ‘Falling Through Space’


The photo series “Falling Through Space” captures people in the midst of falling yet with curiously serene expressions on their faces. British photographer Brad Hammonds shot the series in Prague (and appears in most of the photos). He has not revealed how he created the images.

bradhammondsfallingthroughspace2-640x407 bradhammondsfallingthroughspace3-640x426 bradhammondsfallingthroughspace12-640x426

via Daily MailMy Modern Metropolis

Soaring Porsche 911 Sculpture Marks 50 Years of the Iconic Sports Car

gj_170713_02-940x615sTo mark the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 sports car, artist Gerry Judah created a 111-foot-tall sculpture of 3 of the cars soaring into the sky. Commissioned by Porsche, the sculpture includes an early 1965 model, a limited edition 1973 RS, and a brand-new 2013 model. The sculpture was displayed at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK recently.

gj_170713_01-940x1391s gj_170713_08-940x1457s

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In love with her smile

Megan HiltyMegan Hilty – No cure

Defying gravity

tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo1_500 tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo2_500 tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo3_500

Between 2003 and 2006, French conceptual artist Philippe Ramette created a series of gravity-defying photographs that show him in seemingly impossible poses. These illusions were not created digitally as Ramette explains to The Guardian in 2009, “You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes to it, my suit is ruffled.” Web Urbanist has images and a brief explanation of how Ramette’s illusion is accomplished.


Mambo es un proyecto fotográfico, en el cual lo importante no son las cámaras y la técnica, sino los fotógrafos y su trabajo.


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