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Hand Sculptures Highlight Effects of Eurozone Crisis in Barcelona Street Art Project


Mysterious disembodied hands sprouted from walls and sidewalks in Barcelona in “Hands”, a 2012 street art project. The hands were posed in provocative gestures — begging for change, holding nooses, menacing passersby with mimed pistols — as a commentary on the upheaval caused by the Eurozone economic crisis. The project was created by four artists: Octavi SerraMateu TargaPau García, and Daniel Lugany.

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Things From Space, Surreal Sci-Fi Paintings of a Futuristic Earth Under Attack by Robots & UFOs


Mona and the Metal Men

Arroyo Grande, California-based artist Mark Bryan has created a surreal collection of sci-fi themed oil paintings titled Things From Space. The paintings portray a futuristic vision of Earth that is under attack by monstrous alien robots and UFOs. In a few of his pieces, Mark mixes in pop culture icons who are either helping to protect us (Mona Lisa) or are one of the many helpless victims (Bambi). Prints are available to purchase online via Mark’s Imagekind store.


The Collectors


Hello Kitty


The Visitor

images via Mark Bryan



from “Teen-Age Tempest” – My Romantic Adventures #87 (March 1958)

German ‘Star Wars’ Fans Build Half-Scale Replica of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter


A German team of prop builders and Star Wars fans at Project X1 created a fantastic half-scale replica of Darth Vader’sTIE Advanced x1 starfighter. The replica will be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration Europe on July 26, 2013 in Messe Essen, Germany. You can view more photos on the Project X1 website.


A Video Tour of Myanmar in Ultra High Definition

With travel restrictions now easing in the once-isolated country of Myanmar (aka Burma), filmmaker Jacob Schwarz shot some stunning ultra high definition video of the country during a recent visit. Be sure to watch the video in its original resolution. We previously wrote about Schwarz’s ultra HD video of ink drops splashing.

Soaring Porsche 911 Sculpture Marks 50 Years of the Iconic Sports Car

gj_170713_02-940x615sTo mark the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 sports car, artist Gerry Judah created a 111-foot-tall sculpture of 3 of the cars soaring into the sky. Commissioned by Porsche, the sculpture includes an early 1965 model, a limited edition 1973 RS, and a brand-new 2013 model. The sculpture was displayed at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK recently.

gj_170713_01-940x1391s gj_170713_08-940x1457s

via ArtLystMotorAuthorityLustikContemporistMy Modern Metropolis



Nelson Mandela by Marco Cianfanelli
Created by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, “Release” is a gorgeous monument to a true icon of peace: Nelson Mandela. To mark the 50th anniversary of Mandela’s capture by apartheid police in 1962, Cianfanelli created 50 columns of painted laser-cut steel in the South African town of Howick.

La Mise en Abîme

tumblr_mq3fwizaBn1qz6f9yo1_500 tumblr_mq3fwizaBn1qz6f9yo2_1280

It’s that time of year again – back to Bellelay for the summer exhibition. For this year’s edition, the Abbey-church is hosting an installation especially created by Swiss artist ROMAIN CRELIER.

Entitled La Mise en Abîme, the mesmerising installation comprises two large, extremely precise and impeccably finished receptacles in which vast quantities of used oil are contained. Shaped like giant puddles, the sculptures with their shiny, and lacquer surfaces (thanks to the expressive properties of oil) reflect the surrounding, allowing the viewers to interact with the architecture of the church by being pulled into the reflection so that they, in turn, become part of the sculpture itself. The installation not only dispenses multiple visual thrills and mysteries but also offers a moment where sculpture creates another reading of space.

tumblr_mq3fwizaBn1qz6f9yo3_r1_1280 romain-crelier-6 romain-crelier-11

Working in a scale simultaneously monumental and intimate, these sculptures continue CRELIER‘s career-long exploration of the space through conceptual engagement with buildings as well as his experimentation with light and dark, form and void, inside and outside, surface and depth, abstraction and figuration, reflection and absorption.

And good news: this exhibition is currently on view the Abbey-church of Bellelay, Switzerland and is running through September 16, 2013

romain-crelier-13 romain-crelier-20 romain-crelier1

Driftwood animal sculptures


Washington-based artist Jeffro Uitto creates these amazing animal sculptures out of driftwood from the beaches and waterways of Washington State’s Pacific coastline. From a truly majestic rearing horse to a soaring eagle, Jeffro has a talent for finding just the right piece to make his works look gracefully realistic.

Driftwood-animal-sculptures-1 Driftwood-animal-sculptures-2

Vintage Ski Gondola Turned Into a Toy Vending Machine

VendingMachine.jpgFor “Vending Machine,” Switzerland-based artist Baker Wardlaw has transformed a classic ski gondola from Verbier, Switzerland into a toy vending machine. It was converted for the Vernier Mountain Climbers Exhibition, a project where these icons of Swiss culture have been “re-imagined and adapted into new, unique objects by seven of switzerland’s most recognized designers and artists.”

photo by Annik Wetter via designboom

Defying gravity

tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo1_500 tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo2_500 tumblr_mpcczqZ7sh1qgkoejo3_500

Between 2003 and 2006, French conceptual artist Philippe Ramette created a series of gravity-defying photographs that show him in seemingly impossible poses. These illusions were not created digitally as Ramette explains to The Guardian in 2009, “You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes to it, my suit is ruffled.” Web Urbanist has images and a brief explanation of how Ramette’s illusion is accomplished.

tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo1_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo2_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo3_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo4_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo5_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo6_500 tumblr_mog8anH19d1r8mbmxo7_500

(via tacgnol)

Joseph Heller


“The country was in peril; he was jeopardizing his traditional rights of freedom and independence by daring to exercise them.”
― Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Cars and Films

tumblr_mpbifxCQp81qz6f9yo1_500 tumblr_mpbifxCQp81qz6f9yo2_500 tumblr_mpbifxCQp81qz6f9yo3_500 tumblr_mpbifxCQp81qz6f9yo4_500 tumblr_mpbifxCQp81qz6f9yo5_500bac_carsandfilms drive_carsandfilms g_carsandfilms gattaca_carsandfilms gb_carsandfilms pf_carsandfilms rh_carsandfilms td_carsandfilms ts_carsandfilms

Cars And Films is a little project by Jesús Prudencio.

Amazing Mario Cake Blends 8-Bit and Modern Character Designs


South Africa-based culinary artist Ginger Pops created an amazing cake that blends the original 8-bit design of Mario with the modern design of Yoshi and other characters.

Sam3 New mural in Blanca, Spain


While you discovered his piece for Memorie Urbane yesterday (covered), Sam3 also worked on this brilliant piece in Blanca, a Spanish municipality, in the Region of Murcia, located in the “Vega Alta del Segura”.
Using only black paint the Spanish artist is interested in the “naked idea”, which can be expressed simply with a silhouette.
Check back with us soon for more street art updates from Spain…

 photo tumblr_moljhewyDc1qz6f9yo2_500_zps8b0d8d62.gif

8 bit cake


Awesome Super Mario Bros. Cake from deviantart “aims to be a level-accurate depiction of levels 2.1 and 2.2”.

Pencil VS camera: Art and reality in one photo

Pencil-versus-camera-Art-and-reality-in-one_1 Pencil-versus-camera-Art-and-reality-in-one-1Belgian hands-on artist Ben Heine blurs the line between art and reality by blending photographs of people and landscapes with his own pencil sketches.

Pencil-versus-camera-Art-and-reality-in-one-2 Pencil-versus-camera-Art-and-reality-in-one-3 Pencil-versus-camera-Art-and-reality-in-one


Over The Line, An Art Show Tribute to the Coen Brothers at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle

The_Seven_Sins_of_Coen_s_Cinema_Augie_Pagan_Coen_Brothers_Ltd_Art_Gallery_OVER_THE_LINEThe Seven Sins of Coen’s Cinema” by Augie Pagan

Over The Line is a group art show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle featuring a collection of original artwork “paying tribute
to the many incredible films of the legendary Coen brothers.” The show opened on Friday, June 7, 2013 and will run through Sunday, July 14, 2013. You can still RSVP for the event online via Facebook.

469032_10151638744732838_1662861393_o 976274_10151661445727838_702929215_oH.I.” by Geoff Trapp (Raising Arizona)

Call_It_No_Country_Old_Men_Wade_Lageose_Over_The_Line_Ltd_Art_GalleryCALL IT!” by Wade Lageose (No Country For Old Men)

The_Dude_Abides_Chet_Phillips_Big_Lebowski_Ltd_Art_Gallery_OVER_THE_LINEThe Dude Abides” by Chet Phillips (The Big Lebowski)

True_Grit_100__Soft_Ltd_Art_Gallery_OVER_THE_LINETrue Grit” by 100% Soft (True Grit)

tumblr_mnc5552eYG1qmt6hro1_1280Not A Good Man” by Todd Spence (Inside Llewyn Davis)

Warthog_Ryan_Wood_Raising_Arizona_Over_the_Line_Ltd_Art_GalleryWarthog From Hell” by Ryan Wood (Raising Arizona)

What_Heart__Aaron_Jasinski_Miller_s_Crossing_Ltd_Art_Gallery_OVER_THE_LINEWhat Heart?” by Aaron Jasinski (Millers Crossing)


images via Ltd. Art Gallery and credited artists


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