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Gravity balans


This chair looks cool, called Gravity balans.
“It tilts forwards when enjoying coffee with friends, backwards to allow you to place your feet on the floor and further back so you can curl up in front of the TV”

Gravity-balans-1 Gravity-balans-2

Via roomie

Lamp Lighting


Ceiling designed by Kulyev.


Jpeg coat hooks


These wooden Jpeg coat hooks, inspired by traditional wooden pegs, have handy pegs allowing you to clamp your photos, notes, or even store your mail! Each hook also contains super strong magnets meaning you can also stick them to your fridge creating a handy place to hang your tea towel and peg your shopping lists or the kids’ drawings.


Chuck flexible wall shelf


Chuck by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn is a flexible wall shelf made up of 4mm thick wooden floors and two stainless steel sleeves. The result is a combination of flexibility and stability. The result is an individual, practical piece of storage furniture.

Chuck-flexible-wall-shelfChuck-flexible-wall-shelf-2 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-3 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-4 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-5

Back Of The Door Cabinet


The Back Of The Door Cabinet is the storage cabinet that optimizes the unused space behind a door. It can be attached to a door’s existing hinges. Each costs $130.


Toilet Paper Tree


With this metalic toilet paper tree, called PQtier and designed by Presse Citron, you will never need to store the toilet paper in a cabinet or drawer. The tree can store up to 14 toilet paper rolls. What a clever design.


Baguette Tables, Made From Long Stale Pieces of Bread


At the Vienna Design Week Laboratory, artists Gosia and Tomek Rygalik of Studio Rygalik created “Baguette Tables,” tables made of stale bread that were meant to be tossed. It aimed to “start a discussion about food waste” and show that the “materials to build from are all around us.”

1373 Vienna Design Week 2011

Camp Daybed, A Sofa with a Built-In Sleeping Bag


Camp Daybed is a concept sofa piece by Stephanie Hornig that she describes as a “sleeping bag with legs.”



Mambo es un proyecto fotográfico, en el cual lo importante no son las cámaras y la técnica, sino los fotógrafos y su trabajo.


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Steadycam Argentina - JMC Steady

Fabricantes de Steadycam, Handycam, Slider Dolly, Soporte de hombro para video Cámaras

Daniel Naranjo bcn/El Zurdo

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Mi día a día sobreviviendo a la maternidad


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