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Salvador Dali – DESTINO – Walt Disney

Time-Lapse of the Restoration and Colorization of an Old Photo

This time-lapse video shows the painstaking process of digitally restoring and colorizing a badly deteriorated old photograph. The time-lapse is by TheHatersalad of THS Photo Restoration.


Parody Video Demonstrates Quick, Easy and Not-So-Useful Life Hacks

Florida DIY geek guru KipKay demonstrates eight quick, easy and not-so-useful life hacks in his new parody video based on the Quick and Simple Life Hacks series.

Ni una sola palabra de amor (ShortFilm)

Ni una sola palabra de amor, de El Niño Rodríguez (Argentina, 2011) Duración: 8 min 16 seg La cinta de un contestador telefónico extraviado nos trae la increíble historia de Enrique y María Teresa: una mujer que espera recibir el llamado de un hombre que no responde nunca. Un mensaje tras otro quedará grabado buscando que le digan, tal vez, una sola palabra de amor.

“Life With Maggie” series

Central Park, New York

Ofer Wolberger’s series “Life With Maggie” is an abstract travel journal where the destinations are clear but everything else is slightly disarming.

The photographs are the type of imagery that might at first make you jealous if it were to appear on your Facebook feed: photos of friends who travel around the world posing in front of landmarks and places of leisure.

You might also find yourself asking about this Maggie character whose unique fashion sense is eclipsed only by her unique face.

So is she from this era? Or even from this world? And is Wolberger trying to say something about identity, specifically in an era where virtual online identities are created through social media landscapes?

James Dean's Last Stop, Lost Hills, CASunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA Restaurant Schiller, Freiburg, Germany

“I don’t really have an opinion about people’s online identities, but I do think in general that we tend to present multiple versions of ourselves to the world at large and particularly online,” Wolberger wrote via email. “Maggie’s identity is fixed in a way because her face is always the same, but for me her expression and personality are always shifting due to the light, her gesture, what she’s wearing, and where she’s situated.”

“Life With Maggie” is also a love story. “Maggie” is French and was dating Wolberger, who was living in New York. The two would meet for two weeks or a month at a time,  traveling mostly around the United States, France, and Germany. “In that way, it’s a very personal body of work and one that reflects our experience of getting to know each other,” Wolberger said.

They didn’t have a specific agenda apart from looking for tourist destinations, and they chose them “by instinct and the journey at hand at the time; one place led to another,” Wolberger said. “The ‘Life With Maggie’ locations are cliché or postcard-like, in that Maggie gives me a reason or a license to photograph places that I would otherwise avoid.”

Jimmy's Place, Natchez, Miss. Hotel Patton, Avranches, France American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandie, France

“When we were confronted with an enticing location, we just stopped everything and went to work,” Wolberger said. “The trunk was always full of clothing, most of it picked up along the journey. The whole experience was pretty spontaneous, although once the shooting started, things would slow down because of the large format 4X5 film camera I was using and the need to direct the action.”

The idea of slowing down and working without an agenda is something Wolberger takes very seriously. “My goal once I start a project is to not think too much into every little thing. I try to work instinctually as much as possible,” he said. “In that sense the final images never match the initial goals, as I always hope to be surprised by what I shoot. In this age of digital photography where very little is left to chance, it was exciting to be shooting large-format film and to not know what I had until the film was developed a few days or sometimes weeks later.”

Wolberger said that although he at one point thought the project would go on forever, it has been finished for a while now. He and Maggie are now married and have gone on to work on another project.

Wolberger’s work can also be seen on his website

Little Friends, Tours, France Venice Beach, Calif. Golgotha Fun Park, Cave City, KY Chateau D'Oiron, France

Game of Thrones Season 3 Visual Effects Breakdowns

GOT-5-980x551 GOT-5F-980x551

Spin VFX has released an amazing demo reel with visual effects breakdowns showcasing the work that they did on season 3 of Game of Thrones.

Five-time Emmy nominated VFX Supervisor Jeff Campbell and three-time Emmy nominated Supervising Producer, Luke Groves led Spin’s team to deliver over 200 shots for the season, including Mance Rayder’s Camp, the Direwolves compositing sequences in the Northern Forest, CG crows, the 3D Unsullied Army, the Twins matte painting and The Wall 3D environment.

Yulia Chicherina’s Cubic Contemporary Country House

YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse-0 YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse-1

Singer Yulia Chicherina may not be a household name outside of her native Russia, but I was interested to see photos of her country house. Located outside Moscow, the distinctive structure features two rows of triangular floor-to-ceiling windows, uniformly distributed on the faces and edges of the off-white cubic edifice.

The singer’s two-storey house has been designed as a cube with 24 triangular openings for mirror-glass windows and a glass entrance door. The Live House, an exceptional project by Yulia Chicherina and her architect husband, gives plenty of room for creativity and leisure. It was originally conceived as an art laboratory to give inspiration, to originate fresh ideas, and to create new songs. Now Yulia Chicherina’s Live House is not just a creative laboratory, but a countryside house for back-to-nature recreation far from the urban hustle, noise and stress.

YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse-2 YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse-3

Roughly one-third of the walls are windows (each of which weighs in at 150kg), but the original design included a single exception: an iron door. Frustrated that it didn’t match the windows, Chicherina turned to UK-based building materials company Deceuninck—”the world leader in the sphere of production of PVC systems for the construction industry”—who developed a custom glass vestibule to match the windows. “The square-shaped entrance door in the triangular doorway opening is made of shockproof hardened glass and enclosed by a reinforced-plastic transparent prism.


The “Live House,” as it is known, is certainly a striking silhouette against a bucolic backdrop for what looks like as far as the eye can see, but it’s certainly lives up to its purpose as a remote private residence. So too is it expressly designed to withstand its environment:

Its design takes full account of all particulars of the Russian climate, including frost, short but extremely strong heat, temperatures going through the zero point back and forth, as well as intensity of the use of profile systems and high aesthetic requirements of consumers with regard to windows’ and doors’ exterior…

The house is built like a Lego set: it is made of huge heat retaining blocks that we assembled on our own very quickly. Triangular windows as high as the walls themselves are made of Deceuninck profiles. These are the widest profiles we could find, and they retain heat best. As a result, the house is very warm. We came here several times this winter when the frost was the hardest. After the fireplace heated the house, it remained warm for yet a couple of days.

YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse-5 YuliaChicherina-Deceuninck-LiveHouse

Mashups of Popular Movie Posters With Lamps


The Photoshop savvy folks at EliteFixtures, a website dedicated to indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, has used their digital manipulation skills to mashup a popular collection of movie posters with lamps. You can view more of these mashups on their website.

We’ve been backstage to interview members of the supporting cast. It turns out our lamp friends behind the scenes seem to work the longest hours and take the least breaks of anyone on the set.
The lamps did get to do some stand-ins and shot alternate versions of movie posters, but despite their hard work, were never featured—we’ve changed that.

tumblr_inline_mruom8Ttk41qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mruomdxzTo1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mruomiTkdr1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mruoncUda91qz4rgp

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4, A Live-Action and Animated Short Film by Steve Baker

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4 from Steve Baker on Vimeo.

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4” is a combination live-action and animated short by Steve Baker about the video dating tape of Desmondo Ray. Steve says, “I met a very interesting fellow recently. His name is Desmondo Ray, and this is his video dating tape.”

Asylum – Elysium


PLOT: Society has segregated young people from olders. Grandpas are locked in an orbital spaceship till they die. Now an old marine found a way out and he has nothing to loose, not even his teeth.

Summer in the City

1 2 3 tumblr_mrpk6mrmnm1qz6f9yo1_1280 tumblr_mrpk6mrmnm1qz6f9yo2_1280 tumblr_mrpk6mrmnm1qz6f9yo3_1280

In the 1920s, Coco Chanel hopped on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht for a holiday on the Riviera and returned to Paris with a tan, thereby popularizing the golden-brown look. The quest for the perfect sun-kissed glow continues, even in New York, where private outdoor space is rare. Gessica Brooke, a 27-year-old designer, crawls out to the fire escape of her fifth-floor apartment in the West Village nearly every day she wakes up in the city and the weather is nice. Brooke, who moved to New York from Santa Monica, Calif., four years ago, says finding an apartment with access to the outdoors was crucial. “I gave up the beach to be a city girl, so I always try to find outdoor space wherever I am,” she says. “I’ve Instagrammed some photos when I’m out here, and people have commented thinking I’m in Europe. It doesn’t feel like New York.”

Ashley Gilbertson

Things From Space, Surreal Sci-Fi Paintings of a Futuristic Earth Under Attack by Robots & UFOs


Mona and the Metal Men

Arroyo Grande, California-based artist Mark Bryan has created a surreal collection of sci-fi themed oil paintings titled Things From Space. The paintings portray a futuristic vision of Earth that is under attack by monstrous alien robots and UFOs. In a few of his pieces, Mark mixes in pop culture icons who are either helping to protect us (Mona Lisa) or are one of the many helpless victims (Bambi). Prints are available to purchase online via Mark’s Imagekind store.


The Collectors


Hello Kitty


The Visitor

images via Mark Bryan

“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.”

Eartha Kitt

“I am just not normal.”


— Salvador Dalí



Vacationers lounge poolside at Kailua’s Kona Hilton Resort in Hawaii, March 1975.


Walnut That Looks Like Chewbacca From ‘Star Wars’


Ontario, Canada-based artist Ripplin found a walnut in his backyard that looks an awful lot like Chewbacca, a “gentle, hairy, non-English-speaking” character from Star Wars.


Segundas Pieles, Photos Imagine Wild Animals in Fashionable Clothes


Madrid-based photographer Miguel Vallinas imagines what fashion-conscious animals might wear in the photo series“Segundas Pieles” (“Second Skins”).

skins-5 skins-6

Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games’ Upcoming Online Multiplayer Open World Video Game

Rockstar Games has announced and released an official gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online, their upcoming video game offering “a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players.” It will be available for free starting October 1, 2013 to anyone that purchased Grand Theft Auto V, which will be released September 17, 2013.

In ‘Grand Theft Auto Online,’ players have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’

Players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized vehicles, purchasing personal property, and taking part in missions, jobs and activities to earn reputation and cash to open up new opportunities to rise through the criminal ranks. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly grow and change as new content is added, creating the first ever persistent and dynamic ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game world.

8 Bit Cinema – Blade Runner Retold in 120 Animated Seconds

CineFix has released a new episode of 8-Bit Cinema where the classic 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller film Blade Runner is retold in 120 animated seconds. It was created by filmmakers Norwood Cheek and David Dutton.

Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide

Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide from Flikli on Vimeo.

Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide” is an animation by Flikli to raise awareness about the importance of good posture.

Bad posture is the sneakiest workplace risk there is…Discover the dangers and learn some simple ways to stay healthy during your daily office life in this video.

Masters of Sex, A Showtime Series About the Pioneers of the Science of Human Sexuality in 1957

Masters of Sex is a new Showtime series about William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, a research team who began investigating human sexual responses in 1957 at Washington University in St. Louis. The series will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, September 29th at 10PM.

Masters of Sex is a one-hour drama starring Emmy and BAFTA Award nominee Michael Sheen and acclaimed actress Lizzy Caplan, who will portray the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance, and pop culture trajectory of Masters and Johnson. Their research touched off the sexual revolution and took them from a midwestern teaching hospital in St. Louis to the cover of Time magazine and nearly a dozen appearances on Johnny Carson’s couch.masters-of-sex_custom-0b4bda52b089c78e44553abd2ce239509ff3ca07-s6-c30

Man and His Chihuahua Doing Yoga

An Italian man does yoga with his cute little Chihuahua dog perfectly mimic his every move. Cute!

Typography Beard Guide


How sans serif is your beard? Are your chin whiskers more of a Bodoni, a Times, or a Comic Sans? Exactly what typographical allegiances does your facial ‘fro owe? And what is your favorite font’s beard brother?

These are the questions asked by the Typography Beard Guide, a humorous chart by artist and beard wearer Christian Goldemann, in which 25 popular facial hair styles are assigned a font based upon their layout and characteristics of its follicles.

Asked by Co.Design about what makes a good font brother for a beard, the Stuttgart graphic designer is the first to admit he can’t really explain it in words. “For most of the facial hair styles, I picked fonts based upon the shape of the beard or whether a particular person who wore that kind of beard would have favored a particular font,” Goldemann tells me. “But it’s more than just linking a certain beard to a font that was contemporary at a time, or to a person. There’s no set formula.”


Nonetheless, you can pretty easily intuit the method behind the madness of the Typography Beard Guide. A plain moustache like the one John Watson liked to wear gets paired with the Baskerville font because of the Sherlock Holmes connection. A Darwin style beard is font brother to the sensible and eminent Hoefler Text, which seems like a font Darwin would have liked. The Old Dutch becomes the moustache-less beard of righteous, no-nonsense Garamond, while wearing No Beard at all makes your face as bald, boring, and openly readable as Verdana.

Other pairings aren’t necessarily as obvious. For example, an Egyptian Goatee is paired with Clarendon, a font-beard combination that makes sense only if you know that Clarendon is a slab serif, or Egyptian, style font. Balbo and Bembo seem mostly paired for the pleasing typographic similarities of their names. And some combinations are hard to figure out at all: Pairing Futura with Z.Z. Top is befuddling at best.


For the most part, though, the Typography Beard Guide does somehow grok with our own internal expectations of the types of facial hair the fonts living inside our computers would actually wear. Of course Franklin Gothic wears a prim, fastidious Hungarian moustache. Flamboyant, flashy Zapfino would obviously wax up its Dali before making an appearance anywhere. Helvetica Neue is the typographic avatar of Frank Zappa, and as for Akzidenz Grotesk, what better beard for that font than Rasputin’s beard of choice, the Garibaldi? Rasputin, after all, was stabbed, shot, poisoned, strangled, beaten, and drowned. Talk about grotesque accidents.

As for the legendary pornstache? What other font accurately conveys its oiliness, its misplaced confidence, its sleazy sensuality better than Fago? You could tattoo the word “moustache” across your upper lip in the font for the exact same effect.



from “Teen-Age Tempest” – My Romantic Adventures #87 (March 1958)

William Shatner Hosts 1980 Educational Film About Microchips

In the 1980 AT&T educational film “Microworld,” host William Shatner takes us through the hi-tech world of microprocessors. The film was directed by Paul H. Cohen.

video via AT&T Tech Channel

Sweet Little Girl Sings Along With Elvis

20-month-old toddler Ella Mae sings along to Elvis Presley’s “An American Trilogy” in her car seat while her dad (“Daddy!”) drives and it’s just about the sweetest, most adorable thing ever.

Her dad reports:

To answer the big question, Yes Ella does like to sing other songs. Some of her favorites include, of course more Elvis – Suspicious Minds & Lawdy Miss Clawdy; The Beatles – Twist & Shout; Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut; JD McPherson – Fire Bug; The Beach Boys – Barbra Ann; Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song; Bobby Day – Rockin’ Robin and Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting For You (duet with Mom!!!). However she is only 21 months old and easily distracted so it can be quite challenging to get another video like this one…

video by HoundDogBilly

The Hearts of Age, 1934 Short is Orson Welles’ First Film

The 1934 8-minute silent film “The Hearts of Age” was co-directed by Orson Welles and his friend William Vance when Welles was 19 years old. The film, which consists of a series of surreal, disjointed shots, is notable both as Welles’ first directing effort and his first screen acting role.

via The New York Times

Tastes like chicken


Canned Dragon Meat is a can of delicious, pre-cooked dragon meat containing a stuffed severed dragon’s head. Dragon Meat is currently available to purchase at ThinkGeek (who also sells Canned Unicorn Meat).

Fans of Radiant Farms’ Unicorn Meat are probably looking at this product and thinking, “Wait a minute, ThinkGeek! Isn’t Radiant Farms in Ireland and don’t the nuns believe in nonviolence and wait until the unicorns die of natural causes before processing them?” To that, we say two things: 1) You are a little obsessed with us. and 2) You are right..

But you’re also wrong. You see, Unicorns and Dragons require vastly different resources for their care. Also, if they lived next to each other, the Dragons would just eat the unicorns anyways, and there’d be none left for people to eat. FURTHERMORE, the nuns at Radiant Farms lead a tortured life. Think about it: they start out all-loving and kind and raising Unicorns and letting them die of old age. But year after year of watching such beauty die weighs on their souls. They become evil and cruel and despondent and angry and bitter. It’s then that they’re relocated to the Dragon Rendering plants of Scotland and . . . well, you know the rest.

New Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Brings War to Earth

To celebrate YouTube Geek WeekMarvel has released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming superhero film sequel Thor: The Dark World. The trailer shows Thor help from his evil brother Loki and an all out war coming to planet Earth. Thor: The Dark World is scheduled to battle its way into theaters on Friday, November 8, 2013. Previously, we wrote about Marvel’s first trailer and poster for the film.

Here is the official synopsis from Marvel:

Marvels ‘Thor: The Dark World’ continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvels “Thor” and “Marvels The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.


Wolverine: A Film By Woody Allen

Wolverine: A Film By Woody Allen” is a parody movie trailer by OfficialComedy that imagines what the newly released X-Men film The Wolverine would have been like if it were written, directed by and starring Woody Allen.

In the trailer for Woody Allen’s new X-Men blockbuster, Wolverine, we meet Logan Singer a mutant-writer who is in love with Rogue – a woman he can never kiss. He’s indestructible but totally crippled by his insecurities.

Coiffure le Bird, Portraits of Birds with Stylish Hairdos


Birds show off their fancy hairdos in the digitally manipulated photo series “Coiffure le Bird” by photographer Rene Mesman and Dutch photo studio Souverein.

coiffurelebird4 coiffurelebird6

via Devid SketchbookMy Modern Metropolis


Mambo es un proyecto fotográfico, en el cual lo importante no son las cámaras y la técnica, sino los fotógrafos y su trabajo.


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