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Legacy, 3D Animated Short About an Alien Retrieving a Human Specimen From Earth

Legacy is a 3D animated short film by writer and filmmaker Grzegorz Jonkajtys about an alien who travels to planet Earth to retrieve a human specimen. It took 3 months to complete the short film and it won the 2008 “Uplift Universe CGChallenge XXII Video Awards” at CGSociety in the individual video category.

Legacy from grzegorz jonkajtys on Vimeo.

Valibation, A Short Film About Smartphones and Self-Worth

Valibation is a short film from Ulterior Productions about a man who’s a little too attached to his smartphone. The film is reminiscent of Cronenberg’s iconic Videodrome, and contains a fair amount of nudity and body horror.

VALIBATION from on Vimeo.

Hand-Painted Nesting Dolls Inspired by Popular TV Shows and Movies

8498905954_cab9b25e2e_z chewbacca5

San Francisco-based illustrator and designer Andy Stattmiller has hand-painted an excellent collection of nesting dolls that are all inspired by famous television shows and movies (Star WarsThe Simpsons and Ghostbusters). You can view more photos of the dolls on Behance and Andy’s blog.

Ghostbusters Nesting Dolls ghostbusters15 Simpsons nesting dolls simpsons04



Mustache Bandages


Great for when you cut your upper lip

  • Twelve 3″ x 1″ bandages decorated with mustaches
  • Come in a reusable tin
  • Latex free with sterile gauze
  • Read More
  • $4.95

Mustache Bandages make your bumps and bruises more dapper. This is the bandage preferred by clumsy gentlemen. Not only that, but you can turn any minor injury into a personified body part. It’s not longer just your leg, it’s Mr. Knee! Mustache Bandages are especially good when you nick yourself while shaving. Each metal pocket tin contains fifteen 3″ x 1″ latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain. Four different styles. We do have to warn you that Mustache Bandages can sometimes take your scratches into hipster scabs.

Chuck flexible wall shelf


Chuck by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn is a flexible wall shelf made up of 4mm thick wooden floors and two stainless steel sleeves. The result is a combination of flexibility and stability. The result is an individual, practical piece of storage furniture.

Chuck-flexible-wall-shelfChuck-flexible-wall-shelf-2 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-3 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-4 Chuck-flexible-wall-shelf-5

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control Armband

The Thalmic Labs’ MYO armband senses motion and electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone…



Incredibly Realistic Human Figure Sculptures by Ron Mueck


photo by Gautier Deblonde

London-based artist Ron Mueck makes extremely realistic sculptures of human figures. The sculptures are painstakingly crafted primarily out of silicone, polyester resin, fiberglass and synthetic hair. They very widely in scale, from miniature, to life-size, to enormous sculptures that depict only a portion of the body. To see how he makes his sculptures, take a look at these behind-the-scenes photos by Gautier Deblonde.

Mueck’s work will be on display at two upcoming exhibitions: “Lifelike,” a group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, March 1 to May 27, 2013, and a solo exhibition at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris, April 16 to September 29, 2013.

dc177cdf2994c479396f1095253f6ca4280dc2ec Mueck_14 Mueck_172

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder


Hedgehog Toothpick Holder($25)  rests on the table or conveniently hangs on the edge of a bowl.


Aerial view of NYC Central Park


The panoramic photo of the NYC Central Park by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov is shown in the way you’ve never seen it before. The amazing picture have won Semenov the best amateur award from the International Pano Awards.

iTap phone charger


iTap USB charger is the most stylish charger we have seen so far! The iTap is a tap-shaped charger for phones and tablets. Plug it into any socket, twist the top and then power will start flowing from its USB slot to whatever device you choose – simple as that! Each is priced at £19.95.

FabCafe lets you create a gummy replica of yourself


FabCafe in Japan is offering the service to create a gummy replica of yourself for the White Day. “They will be holding a 2-part workshop at their Shibuya location where males will use a 3D body scanner to create gummy humans in their own likeness.”


When I Grow Up, An Inspirational Animated Short for Kids and Adults

When I Grow Up from The Academy on Vimeo.

When I Grow Up is a delightfully inspirational animated short by The Academy, akin to Dr. Seuss’s classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go! The short is directed, written, and animated by Colin Hesterly and scored by Cyrille Machesseau. Narrator Bob Michaels’ soothing voice encourages you to “shoot for the moon,” and reminds you that even when “the going gets tough, keep pushing on because there’s a world of mysteries left for you to solve.”

Physicist Builds a Machine to Separate Oreo Cookies

Portland-based physicist, artist, and Wieden + Kennedy copywriter David Neevel built a swell machine that separatesOreo cookies with an automated hatchet and other clever ways. The machine was built as part of the Nabisco’s “Cookie vs. Cream” campaign and more separator machines will be introduced in the coming weeks. You can learn all about David’s machine in the campaign’s fun documentary-style video (and discover all the sacrifices he suffered through to build it).

It’s a basic human desire to separate an OREO cookie. Humans love either cookie or creme. And sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the hard work of separating the two. Today, that man is physicist and cookie-part preferrer David Neevel. Watch him operate the machine he created that separates OREO cookies.


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